Fattorie Santo Pietro

Fattorie di Santo Pietro is, above all a farm, where, nowadays as in the past, olive trees caress the green meadows, lush vineyards draw the rolling hills, golden wheat fields colour the views.

Once upon a time…” It all started in the 60s, when Elena Ferraris, mother of the present owner Marcello Ferraris, decided to purchase the estate in the middle of the woods and the hills of Siena, close to the historical centre of San Gimignano. The estate included the mansions and several farms at the time used as peasants’ houses and animals’ barn.

Following the exodus of farmers towards the cities, also in light of the end of sharecropping economy, in the early 90s, Marcello Ferraris and his wife Patrizia Giangrossi chose to gradually restructure the various buildings, to make them cosy and charming rooms for family vacations. With a typically rustic Tuscan style, in the hamlet named “La Torre” they built 16 apartments surrounded by a large lawn; from the ancient building located on Mons Caroli, name given in honour of Carlo Magno – now Montecarulli – they built nine rooms with private bathrooms. Even the mansions, called Bandella and Bandellina from the name of the avenue where you are (bandwa, from the ancient German, is translated as “small field with clear boundaries”), were made cosy and comfortable to accommodate up to 25 people, 15 the first and 10 the latter, always a typical Tuscan style.

The Farm nowadays

Fattorie Santo Pietro has currently accommodations for about 115 people, 4 swimming pools, a restaurant where you can taste dishes from local heritage, a facility for wine production including a traditional cellar for wine preservation and a portion of the forest to serve as hunting reserve. This is an enchanted land, with century-old trees, animated by many species of animals including deer, roe deer, foxes, wild boars, porcupines and pheasants.

Natural & Historical Environment

Also valuable and fascinating is the stretch of Via Francigena (the ancient pilgrim’s route, connecting Canterbury and Rome though the heart of Europe), between Gambassi Terme and San Gimignano, running through the heart of the estate giving it the memory of a distant, archaic and glorious history.

The Territory

The farm’s location in the heart of Tuscany, is an ideal starting point to visit the main surrounding attractions (San Gimignano, Certaldo, Siena, Florence, Volterra, Monteriggioni and more), but also to enjoy the quiet and peace an enchanted place where one can still taste the deep bond between man and nature.

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